“…transparency, quality, and bang for the buck”

I'd be hard pressed to find anyone I have worked with that has better approach with transparency, quality and bang for the buck. He even was displeased with some of the tile work and went ahead and had it redone. I didn't even notice the flaws but he did on his own. How many contractors would do that? Also, he responds timely to every question I have tossed at him, and has responded in detail. 

— G.S.

“…not limited to one superpower”

I'd say the reason he's so good is that he's not limited to one superpower. He has quite a few. Transparency, quality, accessibility, a “customer needs come first” attitude, and he didn't try to sell me a bunch of extra stuff I didn't need.

— H.S.


He's very ethical and cares a lot about the product he delivers.

— J.L.